Transcendental Meditation (TM) Mantras Technique with Benefits and Dangers

What Exactly is Transcendental Meditation?

TM is a seven step program, which is totally different from other self-development programs. It is completely implemented one-on-one mode. Teacher delicately guide the student step-by-step based on the student’s experience. The technique itself leaves nothing to guesswork or trial and error: it is specific and exact, and during the course, the student learns how to deal with each kind of experience (thoughts, distractions, and so on) that may come up during meditation at home. After the initial course of instruction, new meditators are fully prepared to practice on their own, although they’re encouraged to consult with a teacher periodically to verify the correctness of their practice and to pose any questions they may have. This service is free for a lifetime, anywhere in the world, for anyone who takes the course. Also TM does not suggest any lifestyle changes. Meditator does not have to adopt new beliefs, and can be practiced anywhere, in any comfortable position.

How TM Technique Works?

TM is highly specialized but still easy technique of meditation. TM involves thinking of mantra. TM does not involve loud chanting of any mantras. Mantra is a specific sound. For each person mantra is chosen at the time of instruction by the qualified instructor. The teacher of TM evaluates certain specific criteria, ascertained during an interview with the prospective meditator, before selecting the appropriate mantra. Each person gets different mantra as per requirement for maximum benefit. During TM, the mantra is used as the object of attention. As it is used as object purpose, not necessary that the meditator understands the meaning of specific mantra. What matter most is the sound quality, along with the specific way the mantra is employed. The main objective is to produce deep rest and refined awareness characteristic of TM, and that generates the coherent brain waves.

Transcendental Meditation and Mantras

It is a well known fact that sounds have different effects. Scientist has already proved that sounds can create major impacts in different forms. Some sounds can shatter glass; some music can be soothing; some can make us want to get up and dance. Not only human but even plants and animals shows positive impact if different music played under controlled conditions. Experiments have already proved that, some music accelerated growth of plants; other music actually killed the plants. Same sound strategy used in TM. Sound waves when strike against human nervous system have various effects. The mantras used in the Transcendental Meditation program come from the thousands of years old Vedic tradition of India. They are time tested and known to produce effects that are life supporting on every level.

What are Benefits of TM?

Everyone wants to be happy, to grow, to be more successful, more loving and alive. The desire that we all share, for a better life, is born of the powerful tendency deep within the heart of all living things to progress, to evolve, to move toward a state of fulfillment. This is nature’s way. TM starts showing the results right from first day. Meditators enjoy a profound state of rest and relaxation, along with release of accumulated stress and tension. As the daily practice continues for weeks, months, and years, meditators can experience freedom from the restrictions of stress. He / She starts to enjoy life more fully and to become more successful in their chosen spheres of interest and influence. A wide range of health benefits has been documented, such as increased energy, reduced depression, fewer headaches, relief from insomnia, and easier breathing in people with asthma. Researchers have reported a marked decrease in anxiety, as well as significant reductions in cholesterol and blood pressure levels, which are two potentially life threatening conditions. Drug, alcohol, and tobacco usage spontaneously decline or even disappear. People develop greater self esteem and emotional stability. Measures of self actualization climb. Relationships become more harmonious and rewarding.

Transcendental Meditation Dangers And Side Effects

Transcendental Meditation is a simple, natural mental process that enables a person to directly experience the source of creative intelligence at the deepest level of the mind and apply it to all aspects of life. It allows the mind to settle to its most calm and silent level. It also produces a deep state of rest and a uniquely coherent style of brain functioning. Transcendental Meditation, introduced in the late ’60s by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. According to him, it is an effective way to open one’s awareness to what is often described as “the light of God present within.” Till date there are no side effects and dangers reported. Though some people claim that it triggers negative thoughts and painful memories, but there is no scientific evidence or research documentation for the same.

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