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About Us – Aarogya Samhita

Aarogya Samhita - About Us
Aarogya Samhita – About Us

What is aarogyasamhita.com about?

Aarogyasamhita.com welcomes you to reveal the ancient secret to stay healthy. As the name suggest Aarogya means health and Samhita means collection, so this can be your handy collection for good health tips, home remedies, yoga techniques, and breathing exercises. In today’s high powered, health conscious world, we are all smarter, more informed about our bodies, and preoccupied with ways to live long, healthy lives. We have accomplished half of that goal that is living longer. But we are missing the “living healthier” part of the equation. We believe that this website will make tremendous difference in your perception towards healthy lifestyle. Science says our body is very complicated structure. And like any structure needs concreate pillars, our body also need 3 pillars to stay healthy. These pillars are – Healthy Food, Adequate Exercise, and Good Mental Health. Here, we have tried to give you some daily routine lifestyle tips and diet guide that will definitely help you to be healthy and stay fit forever.

Why aarogyasamhita.com?

With today’s modern and busy lifestyle, it is hard to give extra time for our own health. The goal of this website is to help you get back to the basic lifestyle measures that point you toward a healthy, vibrant future. Finally before you enter the new world of health and happiness, let we welcome you with Namaste.

How to Use Website?

For simplicity we have divided website in few sections. Either you can use it section by section or simply go to any page as per your interest. To make it more simple to understand, wherever it possible, we have tried to use words from local languages such as Sanskrit, Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali etc.. Please follow any cautions mentioned for every remedy.