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Good Health and Longevity

I often wonder why my grandparents looks happy always? How could they manage life without going to hospital? Why they both and their friends look young? I started observing their lifestyle and realize that, good health lies within us. We just have to bring it out and the formula is very simple to do that. Eating wholesome food, getting enough sleep, moving our bodies, using natural remedies to heal and communicating with friends occasionally is the key for their good health. Our lifestyle is an important factor to determine good health and longevity. Wellness is not simply the absence of physical and mental illness. It includes feeling connected to other people, doing things you feel passionate about, feeling more joy than sorrow, and maintaining a sense of curiosity, wonder, and appreciation.

Healthy Lifestyle Tips
Healthy Lifestyle Tips

5 Healthy Lifestyle Tips

Lifestyle tips mentioned here are based on the ancient Indian philosophy that enhances personal growth and well being. If you want to keep or regain your health, vitality and vigor, if you want to feel younger and stronger, and if you are looking for a perfectly balanced and complete form of life then Aarogya Samhita is for you. Aarogya Samhita hopes that you enjoy reading this section. May it enlighten you, guiding you along natural and simple paths to your healthy life. The goal of this section is to help you get back to the basic lifestyle measures that point you toward a healthy, vibrant lifestyle.

  1. Well Balanced Diet – Choose organic and eat a traditional, whole food diet. It is surprisingly easy to make your own healthy diet plan. Every time you don’t need a nutrition expert to do that. But how? Very simple, go back to basics. In today’s fast food era people have almost forgotten that food can be eaten raw or can be eaten with less processes. It is now a proven fact that fast food is unhealthy as it contains sugar, trans fat, and high calories. When cooking your food try to keep it as simple as possible. Moreover just sautéing, roasting, baking or boiling is enough for most of the plant products. Sprouts, fruits, salads are best when eaten raw. So how to cook well balanced diet everyday? Checkout our significantly dedicated section – Healthy Recipes.
  2. Regular Exercise – Exercise daily. Move your body and do at least 20 minutes of workout of your choice – yoga, walking, running, swimming, outdoor sports, cycling, aerobics, Zumba, dance. Daily exercise helps to keep you away from obesity, heart disease, stroke, cancer, and diabetes. Those who think that they are really busy and can’t take out time for exercise, here are quick tips. Take the stairs rather than the elevator, park your car little far from your office and walk, if possible take the bus and walk to destination, avoid conveyor belt or stroll. Exercise surely helps to reduce cholesterol, supplies fresh oxygen to whole body, clears mucus, strengthen immune system, regulates bowel movement, strengthen muscles, increases flexibility, enhances memory, regulates hormones, relieves stress, improves sleep, lowers depression and accelerate joint degeneration. List of benefits is really too long. Read More – Yoga and Pranayam Breathing Techniques.
  3. Adequate Rest – Get enough sleep and learn to manage stress, because stress is responsible for weight gain.
  4. Spiritual Health – Nourish your spirituality. Also engage in activities that give your life meaning and purpose and that nurture your spirituality. Read More – Meditation for Mind, Body, Soul Healing.
  5. Stay Busy – Enjoy quality time with friends and family. Also get busy with your daily work. Moreover increase social connections.

No one is completely healthy at all the time. Traditional healing practices around the world also using a holistic approach. Many of these concepts have been passed down from mothers and grandmothers to their children through the ages. Aarogya Samhita brings you all those time tested home remedies altogether at one place.