Dairy Products

ButterButter has a sweet taste; it is light and cold in nature. Fresh butter is astringent and has sour taste; reduces burning sensation; is good for eyes, hemorrhoids, and cough; and heals wounds. Very old butter is heavy and aphrodisiac, reduces swelling, promotes strength, and is especially considered an elixir for the children. Butter is the traditional unsalted butter made by hand churning whole milk dahi.
Butter MilkButtermilk is a popular refreshing summer beverage. Butter milk is rich in protein and hence drinking buttermilk is good practice for healthy hair. It is cold and moist in temperament, easily absorbable, and cool.
Clarified Butter / GheeIn Indian Ayurvedic system, ghee is considered to induce several beneficial effects on human health and is used extensively for therapeutic purposes such as in the preparation of a number of formulations for treating skin allergy and respiratory diseases.