Meditation Guide – How To Do Meditation?

Meditation Guide – Step by Step | How To Do Meditation? | Things to Remember Before Starting Meditation

How To Do Meditation?

Here are simple steps to relax your mind and to increase concentration. Meditation is nothing but a “no thinking” state of mind. For beginners it is hard to concentrate and not to think about anything. There is law for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, so if you think about not thinking anything, then thoughts will come to you rapidly. So instead of stopping thinking for beginners I will suggest step by step body relaxation by thinking about your own body. This will help you to stop other thoughts to come towards you. Even though this is not the final state that is deep trance of meditation but really helpful to relax mind and body.

Meditation Guide - How To Do Meditation?
Meditation Guide – How To Do Meditation?

Meditation Guide – Step by Step

Here are 5 minute meditation guide steps which are very easy to follow. These are super simple steps useful for beginners as well students.

  1. Select free time, in the early morning if possible, and sit quietly. Allow your eyes to survey the surrounding environment, your eyes to receive sounds. Relax your muscles. After spending some time observing this external world, close your eyes and bring your awareness from the outside to the inside. Or if you are sitting in the room, dim the room light. Sit straight on comfortable chair, close your eyes.
  2. Relax body from bottom to top. Start relaxing body by concentrating on different parts of your body. Start with lower part of body. Instruct your mind to relax foot heel, toes, ankle, shin, knee, thigh, go step by step. While concentrating on different body you will find that you have full concentration on your self. Other thoughts has already stopped coming to mind.
  3. Move a step ahead. After relaxing both the legs, concentrate on waist, stomach, back. All parts from waist to neck.
  4. Now important part (head part) relaxation. Start relaxing from chin, lips, right cheeks, left cheeks, eyes, eyebrows, forehead, left head, right head, and now relax whole head. While doing this you will realize that you are already relaxed and completely concentrating on breathing. Sit quietly and observe your breathing.
  5. Keep concentrating on breathing. Breath in and breath out. While breathing in you will feel very positive and outgoing breath will take away your negativity. Breathing is the movement of prana and prana is the life source and life energy which has polarities: inspiration and expiration. Inspiration is cold and expiration warm. Together they create a natural biorhythm. Continue the same for next few minutes. Learn about – Pranayam Breathing Techniques.
  6. Feel the happiness, feel the freshness. After 5 minutes slowly open your eyes. Meditation is necessary to bring harmony to one’s daily living. Keep in mind, however, that the above described results of meditation are the fruits only of committed and regular practice.

Things to Remember Before Starting Meditation

Here are few thing to prepare before you start using meditation guide.

  1. Avoid heavy food just before meditation. Choose a time at least half an hour after lunch or dinner. As during the meditation whole concentration is diverted to specific thing, we don’t want it will effect your digestion system. Let give enough time to your body to digest food.
  2. Finish urgent work, if any you have. This urgent work might loose your concentration. Remember relax mind gives more concentration and ultimately more successful meditation.
  3. Switch off electric appliances that could disturbed with noise such as oven, dishwasher, rice cooker, alarm clock, mobile phone, door bell etc.
  4. Choose comfortable place. Something that is comfortable and allow straight sitting position.
  5. Wear loose cloths. Remove shoes and any other things that makes you feel tightness or pain.
  6. Don’t expect lots right from first meditation sitting. Its a step by step relaxing process.

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