Meditation Introduction – A Scientific Approach

What is Meditation?

Meditation is natural relax state of mind and also a physically, mentally, and emotionally relaxing state of body. It awakens the intelligence to make life happy, peaceful and creative. The awakening of this creative intelligence is the benediction of meditation. Meditation doesn’t mean sleep, but a state where body is almost at sleep state and mind is completely active (practically more active than normal state).

Technical Definition – Meditation – A Scientific Approach

To know about meditation you have understand different states of mind. Our brain operates on four different states. These four states of mind determined by the frequency of the electricity (Brain waves) generated by the exchange of chemicals in the neural pathways. Before you go for the technical definition of meditation you should know the term brainwave. Brainwave refers to a measurement made by a delicate instrument known as an electroencephalograph, or EEG. This machine utilizes tiny electrodes, sensitive electronic devices like little microphones, which are placed on various points along the outer surface of the skull. The electrodes pick up the faint impulses of electrical activity within the brain, which are amplified and converted into visuals on a computer screen. What appears on the screen are long trains of wave like patterns.

  • Beta state: (Full Conscious Awareness): In this state brain waves oscillate at 14 to 30 cycles per second. This is normal state of body and mind when you are awake and active. (body and mind both are completely active).
  • Alpha State: In this state brain waves oscillate at 8 and 13 cycles per second. Body is relaxing and mind is active (but disconnected from external world). This is the state of mind you are in right before you fall asleep. Also this is mostly occurs when you are focused on any specific subject such as watching movie, reading books or day dreaming. This is the state most associated with Meditation. (body at rest and mind is active).
  • Theta State: In this state brain waves oscillate at 4 to 7 cycles per second. This is a state when you are in light sleep and dream occurs. (body at rest and mind is partly active).
  • Delta State: This is the state where brain waves oscillate at less than 4 cycles per second. This is same as deep sleep, where consciousness of self is totally lost, and where even dreams do not occur (body and mind both at rest state).

Alpha state is more useful for Meditation, but alpha state only is not the complete Meditation. Meditation is much more than just body and mind relaxation.

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