Conjunctivitis Pink Eye Home Remedies for Madras Eye, Eyelid Swelling, Stye, Eye Infection and Eye Flu

What is Conjunctivitis?
Conjunctivitis Causes and Symptoms
Natural Cure for Pink Eyes – Madras Eye
Precautions to Avoid Conjunctivitis (Pink Eye)

What is Conjunctivitis?

Pink Eye also known as Madras Eye / Sore Eyes / Stye / Eye Infection / Eye Flu / Eyelid Swelling (common English), Conjunctivitis (Scientific name), Lal Ankh /Aankh Aana / Biloni / Guheri / Joi Bangla (Hindi/Urdu), Dole Yene / Ranjanwadi (Marathi), Vili venpatala alarci (Tamil), Kandlakalaka (Telugu), Jiemoyan (Chinese), Conjuntivitis (Spanish), conjuntivite (Portuguese), Netra bart makalapra daha (Bengali), kon”yunktivit (Russian), konjungtivitis (Indonesian). Conjunctivitis is the inflammation of the conjunctiva, the thin transparent membrane covering the front of the eye. It spreads from person to person through direct contract. Overcrowding, dirty surroundings and unhealthy living conditions can cause epidemics of this ailment.

Conjunctivitis Causes and Symptoms

How long does pink eye last? The eyeball and under side of the eyelids become inflamed. At first, the eyes are red, dry and burning. Later, there may be a watery secretion. In more serious cases, there is pus formation. During sleep, this material dries, making the eye-lashes stick together. Madras eye results from bacterial infection, viruses or eye strain. Prolonged work under artificial light and excessive use of the eyes in one way or the other no doubt contributes towards the disease. But its real cause can be traced to a catarrh a condition of the system resulting from general toxaemia due to dietetic errors and faulty style of living. The patient generally suffers from colds or other ailments indicative of a general catarrhal condition. 

Natural Cure for Pink Eyes – Madras Eye

How to treat pink eye conjunctivitis at home? 15 natural, fast and easy remedies for madras eye. Home treatment that works even for kids and babies will help reduce your pain and keep your eye free of drainage.

  1. Cilantro : Apply the pulp of fresh cilantro leaves on closed eyelids. Blend a handful of cilantro leaves with 1/4 to 1/2 cup water; strain out the juice, and apply the pulp to your closed eyelids. Drinking the liquid will also be beneficial.
  2. Sandal Wood to Reduce Pain : Lavigate Pterocarpus santalinus (Red Sandalwood) with water. Apply this paste on closed eyes. This is helpful for red and painful eyes.
  3. Barberry Compress : For a compress to treat pink eye conjunctivitis, soak a clean cloth in the Barberry decoction. Place over the eye. You can prepare Barberry decoction by soaking overnight 5 grams of coarse powder of Daruharidra in 100 ml of water. Boil the mixture till half of the water remains and filter it.
  4. Coriander Seed Eyewash : Make an conjunctivitis eyewash by steeping 1 teaspoon of coriander seeds in 1 cup boiling water for at least 15 minutes. Strain thoroughly, and cool before using the water on your closed eyes. (Don’t worry if a little goes into the eyes.) Careful: Don’t use it either too hot or too cold.
  5. Indian Gooseberry : This is the best stye eye treatment. Mix 1 cup of Indian gooseberry juice with 2 tablespoon of honey. Drink twice a day till conjunctivitis gets cure.
  6. Bread : This is folk remedy for conjunctivitis. Apply cold bread to closed eyes to reduce the inflammation of conjunctivitis and soothe itching.
  7. Saline : Your tears are salty and helps to wash away allergens such as pollen, chemicals, pollutants, and viruses. Lest make a homemade saline solution that is similar to tears. Take 1 cup distilled water. Add 1/2 teaspoon non-iodized salt and stir. Pour the mixture into an eye cup. Lower your face until your eye is in the cup. Blink several times. Clean the eye cup in hot soapy water before repeating with the other eye. Apply three to six times throughout the day. Keep the solution covered between uses. Discard any leftover solution at the end of the day.
  8. Goat Milk : Dip a sterilized cotton ball in goat’s milk, and put it over your eyes. This will cool down and allow conjunctivitis to be healed.
  9. Coriander Leaves : Make home made pink eye drops with coriander leaves. Take handful of coriander leaves, wash. Grind these leaves and strain the juice. Put few drops into eyes, 3 times a day.
  10. Honey : Honey water can be used to cleanse the eye; it acts to destroy any infection, soothe, and encourage healing.
  11. Colostrum – Mother’s Milk for Babies Pink Eye : Infant’s allergic conjunctivitis can be treated very easily with the help of mother’s breast milk. The best way to heal conjunctivitis in young children is to place a drop of mother’s milk in the eye. Mother’s milk is healing for her kids. If the mother is still lactating, and her child gets conjunctivitis, with irritation and discharge in the eye, just one drop of her milk may heal it.
  12. Indian Gooseberry Seeds : Take 2 cups of water. Bring it to boil, add 15-30 Indian gooseberry seeds in it. Boil till water becomes 1 cup. Wash eyes with this water. This helps to reduce pain and good for tired pink eyes.
  13. Essential Oil for Eye Infection : For pink eye infections, make a warm compress with a few drops of lavender, chamomile, or rose oil, and apply to the affected area to encourage healing and draw out infection.
  14. Fennel Seeds : Boil fennel seeds to make an eyewash for conjunctivitis and sore, inflamed eyes.
  15. Turmeric – Treat Bacterial Conjunctivitis : For bacterial conjunctivitis treatment, make a turmeric solution by stirring some turmeric into a few ounces of pure water. Immerse a clean handkerchief into the solution, and let it dry. Then use it to mop the affected eyes. The natural antiseptic, antibiotic properties of the turmeric will help take care of the bacteria and facilitate healing.

Precautions to Avoid Conjunctivitis (Pink Eye)

  • Viral and bacterial pink eye conjunctivitis spread easily so wash your hands frequently and refrain from touching your eyes.
  • Throw away your mascara wand and don’t use the new one until you’ve healed.
  • Don’t share towels and cloths with family members.
  • For bacterial conjunctivitis, stay home until you’ve been on topical antibiotics for twenty-four hours.
  • Once you’re better, wash bedding, towels, and clothes in hot water.
  • If you have conjunctivitis or pink eye, stop wearing contact lenses.

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