CalendulaIt is a powerful vulnerary (heals wounds), healing the body by promoting cell repair, and acts as an antiseptic, keeping infection at bay. However, calendula is most known for its skin-protective properties.
ChamomileGerman chamomile is a fragrant, low annual herb, with lovely flower heads and can reach a height of 16 inches. The leaves are pale green and sharply incised. Roman chamomile is a strongly fragrant, hairy, half-spreading and much branched perennial with white ray-like flower heads and can grow to a foot in height.
HibiscusThe large tropical flowers make a bright red tea that is tasty and tart, with a sweet aftertaste. Hibiscus is often formulated with stevia or other sweet herbs to enhance its flavor. It brightens any tea with its beautiful ruby red coloring.
JasmineJasmine essential anxiety-relieving oil can be used to diffuse anger, just use as inhalations, in the bath, or diluted and used in massage.
LavenderLavender has been used to scent baths and toiletries since Roman times. In Arabic medicine, the herb is still used today as an expectorant and remedy for chest problems. Lavender has many benefits beyond its wonderful smell.
LotusThe lotus is the supreme symbol of the evolution of the soul. The lotus floating in the water is the emblem of the world. It is also symbolic of the mountain Meru, the residence of the gods and the emblem of female beauty.
RoseRose petals treat the heart and nerves, and lift the spirits. Check out all benefits of rose essential oil, rose infused honey, rose gulkand, rosehip oil, rose water and rose tea.
RosemaryRosemary is a woody, evergreen with a wonderful smell. Medicinally, Rosemary is a great herb for the mind. Rosemary has been used to improve mental faculties for many hundreds of years.
SunflowerThe plant grows everywhere almost like a weed in many instances. The scientific name of the genus, Helianthos, comes from two Greek nouns helios for “sun” and anthus for “flower.” The showy yellow flowers are not only like a primitive reproduction of the sun, but they turn of their own accord toward this luminous celestial body’s radiations.