Triphala Churna Powder Health Benefits. How To Take At Night?

Triphala is an ayurvedic herbal remedy that has been used for centuries as a digestive aid. It is a combination of three fruits: Amalaki, Bibhitaki, and Haritaki. This combination helps to cleanse and detoxify the body, strengthens the digestive system, and supports overall health. Triphala is an excellent source of antioxidants, which can help protect the body from free radicals and other environmental toxins. It is also known to help improve digestion, boost immunity, reduce inflammation, and improve overall wellbeing. With regular use, it can provide numerous health benefits and help maintain optimal health.

Triphala Health Benefits and Medicinal Uses

It is made by pulverizing a mixture of dry fruits – Haritaki (Terminalia chebula), Bibhitaki (Terminalia belerica) and Amalaki (Emblica officinalis). All the herbs are made into fine powder and mixed together to make a homogeneous mixture. Different opinions exist about the proportion of each fruit in the formulation of Triphala. All 3 ingredients interact and potentiate each other. According to Ayurveda Amalaki works on pitta dosha, bibhitaki on kapha dosha, and haritaki on vata dosha. At first it may taste quite bitter, but if you use it regularly, your health is bound to improve, and you will eventually nd that the taste becomes less unpleasant. As a powder, tablet or capsule it has a stronger effect. It is used in numerous formulas as a digestive tonic to assist the digestion of the formula and to correct vata and kapha. It is a laxative, digestive, carminative, good for eyes and gives relief in diabetes, leprosy and in chronic fevers.

  • Weight Loss: It can be used as part of a weight-balancing program. In conditions of excess weight, high cholesterol and obesity this powder is very useful. It can be also used to help prevent overeating and food cravings due to its balanced spectrum of flavors. Regularly drink two teaspoons of honey with one teaspoon of Triphala and a glass of cold water. Triphala can reduce cholesterol levels and arterial plaque by improving digestion and fat metabolism.
  • Conjunctivitis: Triphala has a long history of use for eye inflammation; conjunctivitis, styes, blepharitis. Use an eyewash of the infusion. To make an infusion add 10 g Triphala in 400 ml of water and keep overnight. In the morning filter the infusion and wash the eyes with it. It may cause irritation to eyes but it is very useful as effective eyewash.
  • Boils: In case of boils try washing the affected area with triphala tea. Boil 1 teaspoon triphala in 1 cup of water. Cool, and wash your face or other affected area with the tea. Let it dry on the skin.
  • Hair Care: To avoid premature greying of hair, drink a mixture of two teaspoons of honey, half a teaspoon ghee and one teaspoon of Triphala first thing in the morning, when stomach is empty.
  • Constipation: One of the absolute best herbal remedies for people who suffer from long-term sluggish digestion and constipation is an Ayurvedic formula called triphala. It is probably the most widely used formula in the world for digestive issues. It is mild and effective and doesn’t create dependency. It is commonly available in herb and natural food stores. Tablets are available at natural food stores and 1 or 2 can be taken as directed on the bottle.
  • Digestive Support: It is traditionally used for maintaining a healthy digestive tract. Use when there are signs of sluggishness, constipation, bloating, flatulence, abdominal pain and indigestion.
  • Ulcers: It can help to heal ulcers, inflammations, hemorrhoids and general dysbiosis in the gastrointestinal tract. It is commonly taken by soaking a teaspoon of the powder in water overnight as a cold infusion. This is then drunk on rising to promote a smooth bowel movement.
  • Indigestion: In case of indigestion take Triphala churna 10 g, black salt 1 g, divided into three doses, is used three times a day.
  • Flatulence: For flatulence mix fine powders of Triphala 15 g, raw sugar 10 g, ginger 5 g, and take a dose of 5 g twice daily.
  • Triphalaa is best laxative. Boil 20 g Triphala in 400 ml of water until reduced to 100 ml. Add 10–20 ml of castor oil and drink before retiring. It is a very good colon cleanser.
  • Allergies: For all types of allergies, one can take 1/2 to 1 teaspoon of triphala at night. Not only this much Triphala works great for – intestinal worms, cancer, vaginal yeast infection, blood purification, diarrhoea, bleeding gums, conjunctivitis, styes, blepharitis, arthritis, chronic headaches, convalescence, improving eyesight, obesity, leucorrhea.
  • Respiratory Problems: When there is copious coughing with clear or white phlegm triphala is used to clear this congestion and strengthen the lungs. So it could benefit during rhinitis, hay fever and sinusitis.
  • Blood Purifier: It works great as a blood purifier for healthy skin and in diabetes, take equal amount of Triphala, turmeric, and sugar. Drink this mixture with water for 60 days.

Triphala Churna vs Guggul

Churna is a popular Ayurvedic herbal formula that is used to support digestion and detoxification. Triphala Guggul is a combination of Triphala and Guggul. Guggul is an Ayurvedic herb known for its purifying and rejuvenating properties. It helps to reduce inflammation and supports healthy metabolism. Triphala Guggul is used to help with weight management, balance cholesterol levels, and support the body’s natural detoxification process.

Indian Ayurveda

In Indian Ayurveda, Triphala is a popular herbal remedy used to treat various ailments. It is used to promote digestion and elimination, relieve constipation, and improve overall health. It is also known to reduce inflammation, support the immune system, and aid in detoxification. Triphala is often taken as a powder, tablet, or tea. When it comes to triphala churna, the most highly rated brands include Banyan Botanicals, Organic India, and Himalaya Herbal Healthcare. All three brands use high-quality ingredients, follow strict production guidelines, and have been recommended by Ayurvedic practitioners.

Side Effects

Caution in pregnancy. Please consult your doctor for appropriate dosage during the pregnancy.


Q. How to take Triphala churna at night?

  1. Start by sifting 1 teaspoon of Triphala Churna powder into a cup of warm water. 
  2. Allow the powder to dissolve completely in the water, stirring occasionally.
  3. After the powder has dissolved, drink the mixture slowly, allowing the powder to settle at the bottom of the cup.
  4. Repeat this process each night before going to bed, for best results.
  5. If desired, you can also add a little honey or lemon juice to the mixture to make it more palatable.

Q. What is best time to take Triphala?
Take triphala in the evening, at least 1 hour after your evening meal. Add 1/2 to 1 teaspoon triphala powder to about 1 cup boiling water. Steep for 10 minutes or until the water is cool enough to drink. You may strain out the herbs before drinking or just leave them at the bottom of your cup.

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