Psoriasis Home Remedies

Psoriasis Home Remedies for Dry Scalp | What Is Psoriasis? | What Causes Psoriasis and Dry Scalp?

What Is Psoriasis?

Psoriasis vulgaris, chronic relapsing / remitting immune mediated skin disease. Red, scaly patches, papules, and plaques which usually itch and appears on top layer of skin. The skin appears red and irritated and may be covered with bright silvery scales and also a little itching. Areas usually involved are elbows, knees, the skin behind the ears, trunk, scalp, underarm or genital areas. The lesions vary in size from minute papules only just visible, to sheets covering large parts of the body. Quite often, they are discs from 1.5 cm. to several centimeters in size. Moreover the lesions of psoriasis are always dry and rarely become infected. Also psoriasis is not contagious.

What Causes Psoriasis and Dry Scalp?

Psoriasis is also known as Twacha / Charm Rog (Hindi), Sorayasisa (Marathi), Coriyasis (Tamil), Niupixuan (Chinese), Psoriasis (Spanish), psoriase (Portuguese), psoriaz (Russian). Psoriasis involves an abnormality in the mechanism in which the skin grows and replaces itself. This abnormality is related to the metabolism of amino acids, the protein chemicals which are nature’s basic building blocks for the reproduction of cell tissues. Heredity also plays a role in the development of psoriasis as it tends to occur in families. Generally about 30 per cent of the patients have a family history of the disease. However some times injury to the skin in the form of cuts, burns, minor abrasions, changes in the seasons, physical and emotional stress, infections and use of certain medicines for the treatment of other diseases can cause psoriasis.

Psoriasis Home Remedies for Dry Scalp

Here are 14 best effective psoriasis home remedies to get rid of dry scalp fast and naturally.

  1. Minimize Scalp Rashes: Oil made from the outer shell of cashew nuts is strong enough to make blood circulation fast, this helps also to minimize the scalp rashes.
  2. Easy Effective Way: Drinking buttermilk and putting butter milk strips on rashes is also helpful for psoriasis patients.
  3. Slowly apply pear oil on scalps.
  4. Drinking 1 cup of bitter gourd juice with 1 spoonful of lemon juice with empty stomach for 4 to 6 months helps to cure psoriasis.
  5. Best Home Remedy: Wash and dry the thick, green outer leaves of cabbage. Also take out hard lines of leaves. With the help of roll pin make leaves soft. Heat these leaves and with the help of soft cotton cloth tie these leaves around the rashes.
  6. Get Smooth Effect: Puncture a fish oil capsule. Smooth inside liquid over affected skin. Applications of the EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) in fish oil may improve psoriasis symptoms.
  7. Cure Itching: Vitamin E is good for skin. It also helps to cure skin itching. Apply vitamin E oil on scalps or take vitamin E tablets which will help to heal the rashes. Moreover try not to use soap for bath and avoid frequent bathing. Put Epsom Salt in bath water, after a bath apply olive oil on skin to make it soft.
  8. Lecithin is helpful for psoriasis. Lecithin is available in tablet and powder form but consult your doctor to adjust the dosage according to severity of individuals.
  9. Treat Rashes: Make a paste of roasted barley powder and licorice root (Indian herb) with washed ghee (clarified butter). Apply this paste on psoriasis rashes.
  10. Sunbath Therapy: Phototherapy with ultraviolet light B (UVB) is a conventional treatment for psoriasis. Sunlight contains both UVB and UVA. Short exposure to sunlight for 5 to 10 minutes of midday sun a day. Once you finish your brief sunbath, avoid sun damage by applying sunscreen, covering with hat and clothing, or seeking shade.
  11. Reduce Inflammation: Dab on tea tree oil with a clean cloth. The essential oil of tea tree may counter psoriasis, perhaps because of its anti inflammatory properties.
  12. Natural Medicine for Skin Diseases: Select an aloe leaf and split it open lengthwise with a clean knife. Scoop out the gel and smooth the gel over the affected area. Aloe gel reduces the redness, inflammation, and also flakiness of psoriasis.
  13. Herbal Dry Skin Lotion: Boil the water and drop in one German chamomile tea bag. Remove from the heat and let cool. Remove the tea bag. Apply this water with the help of clean cloth to the affected area. German chamomile (Matricaria recutita) reduces inflammation, inhibits bacteria, and speeds wound healing.
  14. Home Made Psoriasis Shampoo: Avocado contains monosaturated and polyunsaturated fats. So take a ripe avocado, cut in half and pitted. Scoop out the fruit into a clean bowl. Mash and apply to patches of psoriasis. Allow to dry. Wash with warm water and finally pat dry with a clean towel.

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