AvocadoAvocados are the fruit of a small, subtropical tree. They are rich in vitamins A, some B complex, C, and E vitamins, and potassium, and because they contain some protein and starch, as well as being a good source of monounsaturated fats, they are considered to be a perfect and complete food.
BeetrootEdible beet roots are related to the sugar beets grown for the making of sugar, the extraction of which began in the 18th century. Cooked beetroot contains adequate roughage.
Bitter GourdBitter melon is highly beneficial in the treatment of diabetes. It is specially helpful to diabetics who are overweight and obese. A paste of seeds gives encouraging result in psoriasis and ringworm.
Bottle GourdThere are variety of recipes possible with lauki – from sweet halawa to spicy curry. It is a rich source of vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin B3, vitamin B6, calcium, iron, potassium and zinc.
BrinjalEggplants can be red, yellow or even white, but the most common kind is purple and pear-shaped. It is one of the first dish in any respectable North African or Middle Eastern eatery is classical roasted eggplant.
BroccoliBroccoli is particularly famous for its anticancer power. Broccoli cruciferous vegetable with anti-inflammatory properties that helps to fight against the diseases.
CabbageCabbage is a low calorie, fiber-rich, modified-leafy vegetable. New research shows that steaming is a better cooking method than microwaving if you want to maximize the health benefits of glucosinolates found in cabbage.
CauliflowerCauliflower head isn’t a cluster of flower buds, but the tips of a mass of closely compacted stems. Cauliflower is a versatile coniferous vegetable that is full of fiber.
CarrotCarrots were first used as medicinal herbs rather than as vegetables, and they have the dual purpose of acting as therapeutic agents, and providing the best source of beta carotene which is a form of vitamin A in the human diet.
CucumberCucumbers are cleansing, diuretic, and refreshing, help to dissolve uric acid and thus are useful for gout and arthritis. Cucumber is a vine fruit that can be eaten fresh or pickled.
Drumstick / MoringaDrumstick is a common tree native to northern India and cultivated throughout subtropical areas from West Africa to Fiji. Oil of the seeds is massaged in gout and acute inflammations.
Elephant’s FootIt is one of the biggest tuber that can weigh up to 10 kg. The name itself suggest that it looks similar to elephant’s foot. Elephant’s foot is an annual herb grown in tropical regions and distributed in the Philippines, Japan, India and the United States.
Green PeasFresh garden peas are becoming extinct in U.S. markets because few customers want to shell them anymore. Instead they seem to prefer canned or frozen.
OnionRecent research says that, onion reduces both blood pressure and cholesterol levels, thus helping to combat any tendency for heart disease. It also has a preventive effect on the development of arteriosclerosis and proved beneficial in reducing blood sugar in diabetes.
OkraOkra pods are anywhere from 5 to 12 inches long, horn-like in appearance, green or creamy green in color and with ridges that are either smooth or hairy. An unusual use for okra pods has been as blood plasma replacements.
PotatoThe raw potato juice therapy is considered one of the most successful biological treatment for rheumatic and arthritic conditions. The juice of raw potatoes has also proved very valuable in clearing skin blemishes.
PumpkinPumpkin is a variety of winter squash recognized by its smooth, round shape and hard-ribbed, orange colored rind. Pumpkin pie or other great tasting pumpkin recipes are good way to expel intestinal worms.
RadishIn the United States, the cherry-sized red radish is the most common variety sold, but radishes come in all shapes, sizes and colors, including an intriguing black one.
Ridge GourdHealth benefits of ridge gourd or tori according to Ayurveda and traditional home remedies in India. Prevent various ailments with tori or turai.
SoyabeansSoy is healthful when consumed as part of a varied, wholesome diet and is an excellent source of protein. Miso, soy sauce, tempeh, tofu these and other foods derived from soybeans have been a cornerstone of Asian cuisine and nutrition for centuries.
Sweet PotatoYams and sweet potatoes are often confused. Both are edible tubers, but they are from different plant families. The tuber is of a dull, crimson-red outside and of a glistening white within.
TomatoWhat do tomatoes have in them? Health benefits of tomato include eye sight, good gut health, low hypertension, diabetes, skin problems and urinary tract infections.