Bring Meditation In Life

How meditation works? Does it really works? Will it work for me? Very common questions about meditation and here is the answer.
In scientific term meditation is nothing but reprogramming of brain to get what you want. As earlier I have explained How to meditate, I will start explaining on the same node. For successful meditation, very important thing is trust. 100% trust towards yourself or towards guru, who is directing you in the meditation journey. I remember when my guru was talking about trust with a small story. A rope is tied at the both ends of valley. Imagine a person walking on rope tied between the deep valley. He can walk on rope with ease. The same person walking with same ease on the rope with 100kgs. of weight on his back. Everybody appreciates his work. Now that person offers you, come with me, I will carry you with same ease on rope. What will be your reaction? off course NO. So here believe is present but no trust at all. And if somebody believes him then we will call it as blind faith. Yes you should have such blind faith on your self or on your mentor. A trust with no doubt, no questions, a same trust same as that you have on the god. 100% trust always leads into deep state meditation. Meditation brings awareness, harmony and natural order to human life. Lets see now how meditation works. To know how meditation works, you need to understand that we have 2 minds in existence. One is outer mind that is conscious mind and another is inner mind that is subconscious mind. Subconscious mind is inner mind and totally covered by conscious mind. Conscious mind blocks the way for subconscious mind. Conscious mind is always full of stress, fear and negativity, which eventually harms individuals personal growth. During meditation we make conscious mind to sleep temporarily and make subconscious mind to start working even with more power. Instructions directly goes to inner mind and actually starts working in practical life.

Sounds difficult to understand. OK. Here is an example. Say suppose you want to reduce weight by 10kgs. and you know how to do it, eat less, go for regular exercise and all. But in practical nothing works well. You didn’t find time to workout, can’t control yourself from fatty food. Conscious mind always looking for excuses. Meditation works well in such cases. It makes conscious mind stop thinking and let subconscious mind starts thinking with more frequency, which ultimately results into the way you want to reduce the weight.

Reducing the weight is just a one example. Meditation works for thousands of problems. Whether you want to become more rich, smart, confident, healthy or want to treat bad habits like nail biting, smoking, addictions, or you want just better happy life, meditation works in same way for all problems and it works for everybody. Results may vary person to person but it for sure.

There are different ways to do meditations. so-hum meditation, Empty Bowl Meditation etc.. Whichever is your meditation technique but your life will change and daily living will become a new and fresh experience. Begin to notice the movements of your thoughts, desires and emotions. From the bank of consciousness observe the movements of the river of thoughts. Do not try to stop, change or place judgment on this experience. Through this internal observation, you are being cleansed of distractions; you are arriving at the beginning of a radical transformation. As unobstructed awareness increases, you will begin to enjoy increased relaxation and store-houses of energy will unlock within you, these are the benedictions of meditative practice. Life will become meditation, for meditation is not separate from life but a part of life. Life is meditation and meditation is life. Creative intelligence will begin to operate in your body, mind, and consciousness. All problems will dissolve in this new expanded awareness.

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